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Jody Stahancyk Interviewed About New Trend: Silver Divorces

May 11, 2011

Jody L. Stahancyk, Shareholder


In a story from KGW, the firm's senior shareholder weighed in on high profile divorce and a new trend concerning couples separating after longer periods of marriage.

Jody Stahancyk was featured Tuesday night on KGW News Channel 8 in a story discussing the recent separation of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. In the story, Stahancyk touches on the topic of a silver divorce, a growing trend among couples who decide to call it quits despite being married for 25 years or even longer.

"It is horrible for every human being to go through a divorce," she tells Pat Dooris of KGW. "A divorce is a failure. No one said, 'I do,' yesterday, 40 years ago, 25 years ago without anticipating that they would, in fact, be with that person forever."

Please click here to watch the video and the story from KGW.

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