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Stahancyk, Kent & Hook Launches Divorce On Demand

September 1, 2011

Jody L. Stahancyk


Stahancyk, Kent & Hook Launches Divorce On Demand

The service is Oregon's online, self-help solution to file for divorce.

Continuing a tradition of innovation in the legal community, Stahancyk, Kent & Hook is proud to announce Divorce On Demand, Oregon's web-based, county-specific solution to generating the legal documents necessary for divorce. In its beta stages, the service is available to Clatsop, Crook and Jefferson counties, and will expand to all of Oregon in the near future.

“Today, we see families who want to be in control of their own destinies. They want to do it for themselves. Divorce On Demand is our answer to letting you be your own divorce attorney but with the backup of the prestigious legal team at Stahancyk, Kent & Hook,” Jody Stahancyk, the Senior Shareholder of SK&H and Founder of Divorce On Demand, said.


Designed as a service for separating couples who have agreed on the major assets of their divorce, Divorce On Demand can help families avoid the high and potentially unnecessary cost of retaining an attorney. Along with generating court documents for clients the service also offers definitions for key legal terms and phrases, and a fees calculator specific to every county in Oregon. Eligible clients are able to schedule consultations with a family law attorney from SK&H.


“We know that approximately 70 percent of people in the state of Oregon go through a divorce without an attorney. Many of them make terrible, preventable mistakes,” Stahancyk said. “Do you need an attorney? No, but sometimes an ounce of prevention is worth the time it takes to cure your mistakes.”

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