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Jody Stahancyk Featured On The Lars Larson Radio Show

December 20, 2011

Jody L. Stahancyk, Shareholder


The founder of SK&H went on the show to discuss the firm's new product, Divorce On Demand.

In a ranging, 10-minute interview, Senior Shareholder Jody Stahancyk was featured last Friday on The Lars Larson Northwest Show. Stahancyk spoke at length about the firm's newest product, Divorce On Demand. The product serves as a quick, easy and affordable solution to filing for divorce.

Along with discussing Divorce On Demand, Larson and Stahancyk also touched on other legal issues including children of separated parents attending college, fault versus no-fault divorces and the various rules that guide the divorce process in each of the 36 Oregon counties.

An audio file has been provided below if you would like to listen to the interview.

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