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Jody's Latest Victory

May 2, 2010



Jody's Latest Victory

We are going to do something this month we have never done before - talk about ourselves.

Last month Jody Stahancyk had a seizure. Of course, because Jody is Jody, she had the seizure at the end of the day, after she made sure all of her clients were all right. While she doesn’t remember anything that happened, the team here called 911 and took care of her until the paramedics arrived, then helped them get her out the door in record time.

At the hospital, Jody regained consciousness and was diagnosed with a small non-cancerous tumor, about the size of tangerine, located between her brain sac and skull bone. (Yes, everyone was surprised that Jody’s brain would have put up with something like that sitting near it.) She was told that she could wait a while to have it removed, but Jody is a woman of action, so she scheduled surgery for the following week and then proceeded to come to work every day.

We were told at the time that the surgery to remove the benign tumor would be about as dangerous as crossing the street and that they sometimes let medical interns do it, as it was not in her brain (remember that old expression - “It’s not brain surgery”). Jody, of course, had one of the best doctors in Portland. The surgery went perfectly and she was out of the hospital two days later. We’re still not sure if they released her for her sake or for theirs, as we heard she was giving the nurses career advice and telling the doctors how to redecorate the hospital.

The day after she was released from the hospital she was back at work and has been working ever since. She is feeling great, running the firm, practicing law and all in all, being her good old Jodylike self.

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