Our company motto is “Creative Solutions in Difficult Times.” As Shareholder Joel Kent elaborates, “We give our clients a different perspective on a problem, and perhaps a solution, that they hadn’t thought of before.” Our focus on thinking differently does not stop at the doors to our attorneys’ offices: In order to keep improving, we consistently look at what we do and ask how it could be done better, just like we do for our clients going through a divorce.


Jody L. Stahancyk, the Senior Shareholder and President of SK&H, founded the firm in 1986, with a promise to provide her clients with superb customer service and innovative legal practices. The firm is still dedicated to her founding principle – "care for the client's needs, do not just represent them legally." Jody believes that for everything her business takes from the community "we must give back three times." Read more about Jody.

Joel J. Kent

Joel J. Kent, the Managing Shareholder of the Central Oregon office, has successfully represented numerous clients in grandparent visitation cases, property disputes, custody disputes, support modifications and divorce. Through the years, Joel has distinguished himself both as a successful businessman and as a significant member of his community. Read more about Joel.

Laurel P. Hook

Laurel P. Hook, the Managing Shareholder of the Portland office, has been with the firm since 1999. Her practice emphasis is helping those with complex business interests and she has successfully represented clients throughout the States of Oregon and Washington in matters relating to family law. Read more about Laurel.


Bradford F. Miller

Bradford F. Miller, a Shareholder at SK&H, first joined the Portland office as a law clerk. Throughout his career, Brad has shown himself to be a zealous advocate who believes that creative solutions, not cookie-cutter approaches, are the key to efficient and mutually-beneficial resolutions. Read more about Brad.