Estate Planning Resources

For those who would like to learn more about estate planning, we have compiled a list of books and online resources that provide answers to many of the commonly-asked questions.

Books on Estate Planning:


The 101 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes by Herbert Naas. 2009, Wiley.

AARP Crash Course in Estate Planning: The Essential Guide to Wills, Trusts, and Your Personal Legacy
by Michael T. Palermo and Ric Edelman. 2008, Sterling.

A Will Is Not Enough in Oregon, 2nd Edition by Amelia E. Pohl and Richard B. Schneider. 2006, Eagle Books.

The American Bar Association Guide to Wills and Estates, 2nd Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Wills, Estates, Trusts, and Taxes
by the American Bar Association. 2004, ABA Books.

Kiplinger's Estate Planning: The Complete Guide to Wills, Trusts, and Maximizing Your Legacy by John Ventura. 2008, Kaplan Publishing.

The Living Trust Advisor: Everything You Need to Know About Your Living Trust
by Jeffrey L. Condon. 2008, Wiley.

Oregon State Bar Publications:

Legal Issues for Older Adults. 2005 Edition.
Powers of Attorney and Other Decision-Making Tools. October, 2009.
What is Probate?
April, 2008.
Your Will. April, 2008.
What is a Trust? November, 2009.
Revocable Living Trust. April, 2008.
What Taxes Have to be Paid When Someone Dies? May 2008.
Estate Planning for Parents of the Disabled

Other Helpful Websites:

Q&A Estate Planning Issues. AARP Website.
Roth IRAs and Your Heirs. AARP Website. 

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