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Come here for a little help with your technology issues. Make yourself a cup of joe or some hot tea, and then sit down to learn about your technology.

At Stahancyk, Kent & Hook, we use Apple Macintosh computers for both individual computers and our servers. We use Apple iPhones and RIM Blackberrys for our mobile communications. We support secure wireless networks at all our office locations, color and black-and-white printing, digital faxing, high-speed copiers and scanners. We test and use a lot of high-tech gear.

Unusually for a law firm, we also have a graphic designer on staff and have a fully-equipped graphics department. If you receive a thank-you card or an invitation from us, chances are that we designed and printed it ourselves. Many of the posters and prints in our offices were even printed in-house, on our poster printer.



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"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them."
-Isaac Asimov